Guardian Light Mystic Center

Professor Paul Adu is the Founder & World Spiritual Leader of Guardian Light Mystic Center™. He’s a global icon, academia per excellence, scientist, intelligence officer, psychologist, philanthropist, occult adept, metaphysician and spiritual guru. He became a “Spiritual Master” by studying at an ancient monastery in Karela (Southern India) for two years, under the tutelage of other great Spiritual Masters. Among the subjects he studied were the Arts of Conjuration, Astrology, Ceremonial Magic, Divination and Healing.

He is also a psychic and skilled reader of the Tarot, Crystal Ball and Palm. He is internationally renowned for his spiritual abilities and he is always ready to assist those who need spiritual help and guidance in their lives with their problems.

Professor Paul founded Guardian Light Mystic Centre™ to open all pathways to spiritual enlightenment, to reach out to your untapped natural powers and guide you towards knowledge and inner light. In addition to offering spiritual readings and guidance, – Guardian Light Mystic Centre™ has an extensive selection of everything needed for those wishing to pursue their own studies of magic, alchemy and metaphysics under the conservative institution of Professor Paul Adu’s providence.

As a spiritual scholar, Professor Paul has received numerous global and international awards for his outstanding propagation of global peace, interfaith crusade and selfless service to humanity. He’s a living symbol of divinity and his utmost goal is to enrich mankind with the divine grace of spiritual independence.