Guardian Light Mystic Center


At every point in life, there’s always the need for mankind to live the natural life in a spiritual way because the earthly existence of mankind is like a stomach which is always hungry for food (– no matter how often you feed it) and the only satisfactory meal to feed one’s earthly body is the divine providence of true spirituality.

Seeking the right path of true spirituality has become a challenging quest for humanity which has left so many individuals to keep pondering on the holistic or sacred institution to consult for spiritual independence and divine sovereignty. The modern day society has offered humanity varieties of paths through which answers can be accorded to every questions being asked daily by mankind, but mankind is yet to be satisfied with every answers provided to the questions because there are still questions unanswered due to the nature of mankind to know more beyond what has already been known.

GUARDIAN LIGHT MYSTIC CENTER™ is bringing mankind closer to the divine creator without any intermediary by empowering mankind with the basic spiritual needs which have always been difficult for humanity to afford on a platter of providence which will enable every individual to be spiritually independent and divinely sovereign. As a psychic and mystic establishment, GLMC is ever-ready to welcome and support humanity with the spiritual amenities which the modern-day society is lacking. Everyday mankind needed spiritual items are readily available in all international centers of GLMC around the world and the international spiritual workshop of GLMC which include psychic symposiums, metaphysical conferences, De Laurence teachings and spiritual tutorial of the orients are all available in the great catalogue of GLMC.

• GLMC Headquarter – 655, Lordship Lane, London, N22 5LA, UK
• UK Hotline – +44 208 150 3336
• USA Hotline –  +1 214 257 0376
• Africa Hotline – +234 807 754 0083
• Email –

Counselling – +44 208 090 4835
Emergency – +44 7768 628 380
Toll Free – +44 208 150 3336

We adore the guardian light in you which is the abode of the divine, when you are in the sanctum of light within you while we are also in the sanctum of light within us, – we become one and whole !