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The famous sixth and seventh book of Moses contain in original text as printed in India the following ancient manuscripts :
(1) THE MYSTERY OF ALL MYSTERIES : Moses’ magical spirit art translated from the German original manuscript which contains over one hundred and twenty five seals, talismans and charms used by the Egyptians.
(2) THE CITATION ON ALL SPIRITS : To conjure and invoke astral spirits, the spirit in the burning bush, the Helmet of Moses & Aaron, how to make healing amulets, charms and talismans.
(3) THE WONDERFUL MAGICAL AND SPIRIT ARTS OF MOSES AND AARON AND THE OLD WISE HEBREWS TAKEN FROM THE MOSAIC BOOKS OF THE CABALA AND THE TALMUD – FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND : Performed, to cause a thief to return stolen goods, a preventive from all harm of weapons, how to free yourself of all ropes and fetters, how to shoot surely conjurations and considerations for every day of the week. How to make the magic carpet proper for every day of the week. How to make the magic carpet proper for interrogating the intelligences so as to obtain answers to questions, white magic, black or diabolical magic, necromancy, the mystical names of God, how to associate with holy angels, the power of divine names, names of spirits, magic pentacles and their composition, how to prepare a sacred seal, practical magic power of witchcraft conjuration for fortune to defeat enemies for long life and happiness, for healing, for vision, for secret of the information of Semiphoras and Schehaphoras by King Solomon, secret of Solomon’s wealth, the license to depart or dismiss spirits, the use and efficacy of holy names and general prayers, daily prayer for each day of the month, prayer for special needs and occasions plus many illustration of various and special seal, and so much more…