Guardian Light Mystic Center




Here at last is De Laurence’s own RING OF POWER. It is for those who believe in the occult and are determined to use it to get the things they want. The instructions accompanying the ring touch on the major areas of human needs including love, success, money, power and respect. These are the areas in which the Guru serves humanity and if any of these subjects interest you, this is the ring for you. Here in a simple piece of jewelery is the culmination of the accumulated wisdom of the Magi whose beginning is lost in the mists of time. The occult has no greater gift to the cognoscenti, and now it can be yours. The “Guru” ring is sold sterling silver artfully engraved. The accompanying De Laurence instructions are all you need to embark on what may well prove to be the greatest adventure of your life. This should be a door-opening on a whole new way of life. Perhaps, at last there will be the exhilaration of love known, success achieved, money in plenty, power in excess, and respect from all. This is the new day we’re all waiting for.