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Money, come to me – fly into my purse… Carry a “Midas Touch” billfold with a secret pocket for accumulating money – A Parchment Talisman.
Some people have it, there’s no doubt about it. Every touch turns to gold. It’s called the “Midas Touch” and the reference is to an old king of the far Eastern Kingdom Of Phrygia who obtained the golden gift from a god. This is an ideal billfold which is impossible to find unless you know the trick of opening it. Our advice is to put your “big money” in the secret pocket and never let anyone see it. No one will ever know you have large denomination of money and you will run less risk of robbery.
TALISMAN WITH EACH BILLFOLD : With every billfold De Laurence offers you a talisman of your choice. These talismans are artfully imprinted on parchment paper with gold ink following the best authorities. With your billfold, you may have one for money, love, success, protection and good health. Just mention which one you want when you mail-in your order.
INSTRUCTIONS : With every billfold, De Laurence sends some curious instructions gleaned from an astounding old book held in the highest regard by those who know the value of such things referred to obtaining money.
A FINE BILLFOLD : The “Midas Touch” Billfold is a fine piece of work made of genuine leather which has been strongly sewed.