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Crystal Prism for Psychic Development


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Crystal Prism …………………….For psychic development. It is said that remarkable Crystal Prisms of this type were used by ancient “Mystic Wizards” for Psychic development. They referred to the Crystal Prism as a “mysterious looking glass” of much occult value. This beautiful imported guaranteed genuine crystal prism is an equilateral, 3 inches long, finest clear optical glass. It has 1.8 inches faces, scientifically cut and highly polished with “eye magnetizing” reflecting scintillations. High grade reflecting prisms of this type, it is said were considered to be much help to hypnotists, particularly in difficult cases. The person to be hypnotized would  be instructed to gaze intently at the depths of this wonderful optical instrument. Occult people have thought that as they gazed steadily at its gorgeous rainbow glow of spectrum lights they were gazing at a world of surreality. Through this legendary “wonder looking glass” even the most ordinary objects apparently take on a strange hue, it opens up a remarkable optical illusionary world. It is said that by looking steadily at the reflected fiery, dazzling lights in the crystal prism and concentrating deeply upon what one wishes to know about, seems to “induce” a form of self hypnosis that awakens certain dormant psychic powers. The above description relates only a few of the many unusual psychic and optical experiments that this type of genuine crystal prism is used for. Order today and test out your possible psychic powers!  Please note: all our products are blessed, consecrated and empowered for the use ascribed. Unlike many other sites sellng similar products, we take the time to carefully bless each and every item before dispatching in order to guarantee maximum potency and results. For further information on how to use this product call us on 02088816671.