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Magnetic Planchette


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Magnetic Planchette…………this curious “occult writing” instrument is widely known to psychic people. It is used as a believed means of communicating by written messages. Unobtainable in the U.S.A. for many years, the planchette is now being made in limited quantities. It is said that spiritualists feel that it gives them astonishing written answers to their sincere questions about business, work, love, health, games, money, numbers, lost articles or loved ones,etc. As the believed messages are written down on paper, they can be kept as a permanent record. This is considered a very important aid in psychic development for automatic writing. Skillfully hand made of special wood, size 5.25″ x 5.25″ it is fitted with the finest large, highly magnetic steel, easy rolling ball bearings and it is extremely  sensitive to every movement of device that holds the spescial “hexo” permanent writing pencil.  Any ordianry person can use this planchette, no special psychic training is necessary. We feel sure that yu and your friends should find this occult curio most entrancing and entertaining to use for receiving vibrations. This is a high grade psychic development instrument, finely made for a lifetime of service. Packed in a special box with all easy instructions and 2 extra “hexo” pencils and paper.