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Oriental Type Black “Psychic Mirror”


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Oriental type Black “Psychic Mirror”……………A romantic legendary description of interest. “Psychic Mirrors” of this type, it is reputed, are often used in the orient by psychic adepts, occultists, spiritualists, necromancers, clairvoyants, and other Masters and students of psychic phenomena and mysticism. It is said that there are psychic high adepts in certain parts of India, Tibet and Egypt who make use of strange black mirrors for scrying or gazing into the future. It is claimed, with most amazing and awe-inspiring results. Mounted in a fine black hardwood this curious legend called “Magic Mirror” is made of high grade optical crystal glass, with a jet black skillfully applied flawless back. Meaures nearly 8.5 inches long and 6.5 inches wide, it is scientifically convexed to the correct depth for for deep concentration. Gazing with deep concentration into the jet black crystal depths of this mirror is considered to induce  a form of “self hypnosis” that awakens latent psychic or clairvoyant power in some people that enables them to appararentlly “see”. Mirrors of this type are often used by psychic students as an aid to deep concentration and higher spiritual awareness. It is said that many spiritualist, mediums and others studying occultism and mysticism consider this type of “psychic mirror” a most necessary part of their equipment. Hypnotists also often use it to help them to develop a greater power of mental concentration. No occult studio or seance room should be considered complete without one of these scurious black “psychic mirrors” for concentration. It is considered a necessity for the occult student. Comes with instructions.